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Faith Lutheran

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Worshipping at Faith Lutheran Church

Youth and adults actively participate in worship by serving as worship assistants, ushers, acolytes, and communion assistants.


Sunday School

Sunday School is held at all three worship times during the school year for ages 3 to grade 6. 

See our separate Sunday School page.


Nursery Services

Birth to Age 3

Our fully staffed nursery provides a safe and nurturing setting where children can play while parents attend Sunday worship services.

Contact Shauna Wagner with questions or to volunteer.


Altar Care

The Altar Care person is responsible for preparing the communion trays and wafers for each service. A check is made to ensure that there are adequate supplies for each subsequent service.  A sign-up sheet is posted in the hallway by the church library.

Contact Shauna Wagner with questions or to volunteer.


Altar Decorator

This person is responsible for preparing the altar area to reflect the changing church seasons.

Contact Shauna Wagner with questions or to volunteer.


Liturgy & Hymns

FAITH uses the Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW, or the GREEN hymnal), the Hymnal Supplemental 1991 (HS, or the MAROON hymnal), and With One Voice (WOV, or the BLUE hymnal) for the liturgy and hymns.


Worship Assistants

The Worship Assistant is a lay member of the congregation who helps the pastors lead worship services .  This helps symbolize that all members of the congregation play an essential role in celebrating a church service. On a typical Sunday morning, the Worship Assistant's primary role is to lead both the Kyrie and the Prayers of Intercession. Although the Kyrie is usually sung, Worship Assistants can also simply speak it if they are more comfortable doing so.  Abby Schoppe is always happy to meet with Worship Assistants to help them practice singing the Kyrie.

Contact Abby Schoppe or use the sign-up sheet for Worship Assistants in the Choir Room.


Communion Assistants

Communion assistants help with Communion at the traditional and contemporary services. 

Contact Pastor Jon or Pastor Marsha to volunteer as a Communion Assistant.