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Jon Heydenreich Did one of Pastor Jon's entries inspire you, cause you to reflect on your own actions, or did you just simply enjoy the thoughts for the day?

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The Unsettling Mytery

     In a running race, you can tell who is ahead.  Same with rowing races.  Much of the summer Olympics is fairly clear cut this way.

     Then we get the winter Olympics.  Skiers are separated by hundreds of a second.  Same with the sledders.  Who can tell who is ahead?  No one.  The skaters – what a mystery – even the judges need to evaluate them in slow motion.  How are we to understand the scoring system and know what to look for?  It is all mystery.  But we watch, at least I watch a bit of it.  I admire the beauty and athleticism of these folks.  Just remarkable.  Granted most of them do this full-time with sponsors and coaches.  But the revelation of human potential is simply inspiring.

    Most of us are not in a position to follow in their footsteps.

    But it leaves as a mystery what our potential is.  And the reality, the truth, is - our potential sits there. In an unsettling way these athletes reveal that to us.  In this way they are prophetic – they call us to something more than we are.

    Get some inspiration, do some work, set a vision.  That whole process is reward in and of itself.   There is a lot of life to be experienced in a magnificent way.  Who needs a medal?

   Live into your mystery.  Open the gift.

   Go, go when you can.

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