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Baptisms & Weddings


The wedding couple works with either Pastor Jon or Pastor Marsha to plan their service. We do not do “cookie cutter” (one size fits all) weddings. Hopefully, the service will reflect the spirituality of the couple. We have fairly broad parameters. The couple meets with Pastor Jon or Pastor Marsha at least once. We do have fees for couples who are not members of the church. However, no one should ever refrain from getting married at FAITH because of financial issues. Speak with Pastor Jon or Pastor Marsha if that is an issue. In addition to the planning of the service, Pastor Jon and Pastor Marsha make themselves available for extended conversation to discuss "life", if the couple wants to do so. We leave this up to the couple.


We baptize any adult or child who comes to us. Baptisms are arranged at the convenience of the family – sometimes during worship, often on Saturdays, totally up to the family.  Pastor Jon or Pastor Marsha will meet with the family for a short Bible study to go over the meaning of baptism. Many families use the fellowship hall for a celebratory meal after the baptism. Speak with Pastor Jon or Pastor Marsha about this. There are no fees for baptisms.

Use the links above to email Jon or Marsha for more information.